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Come Along With Me on an Exciting Journey

The Journey Begins Here

Do you ever wonder where an author gets her ideas and how she turns them into a finished book for you to read and enjoy? Maybe you even dream about writing a book of your own someday.

Then come along with me!

Each week I’ll let you inside the mind of a writer as we take a look at what inspires, motivates, and challenges me as I write and publish my first novel.

This is also where I’ll share details on the progress of my book. I’ll introduce you to the characters and give you a First Look at parts of the story itself. I may even need your help in choosing the perfect title and cover for my book.

Sound exciting? I think so!

Click here to Follow CJ Andrews. You won’t want to miss a single detail.

I’m so glad you’ll be joining me on my journey to become a published indie author. See you soon! —CJ

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