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Lost and Found: Inspiration… Motivation… Determination

IMG_0102I’m far from being an expert on Shakespeare, so don’t quiz me… I will definitely fail. Big time! But, thanks to my ninth grade English teacher’s passion and persistence, I learned to appreciate his work despite the massive headaches I get trying to interpret it.

“The sun itself sees not till heaven clears.”  This line from William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 148 (you know, the one about love being blind) is the inspiration for the title of the book I’m writing, but I need something a little more modern for my contemporary romance. My solution?

The Sun Will Rise 

The sun rising can, quite simply, mean a new day. But sometimes a new day means a new beginning. The sun can also represent light, which could translate to knowledge, awareness, or hope.

Danni, my story’s main character, doesn’t always see things clearly when it comes to love and relationships. As the twists and turns of her personal journey are revealed throughout the book, the title takes on these different meanings.

I’ve been second-guessing the title and considered changing it, but right now I’m leaning in the direction of keeping it. The inspirational message has become a reminder for me to never give up on my journey as an author.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been in a major writing slump–far worse than any I’ve experienced before. With only five chapters left to write, I was beginning to fear my Sun would never be seen.

I don’t know about other writers; but for me, staying creative and productive is a delicate balancing act. The slightest shift of something in my life, an offhanded comment from someone, or an errant thought of my own can throw me into a tailspin. The walls go up, and the story I’m working on is trapped inside.

Some writers are disciplined. They sit down when it’s time to write, and make the words come out… because that’s what writers do. I admire those people. Well, that’s not quite true. I actually envy them. I want to be like them and get frustrated, because I can’t make it happen.

I’m an emotional writer. I need to feel and care about my characters in order for the words I put down to come to life and leap off the page. When I force myself to write without that connection, the words and characters are flat and lifeless; and sometimes the words won’t even come out.

I’ve hit rough patches before, some worse than others. At one point I nearly walked away and gave up on my dream of being writer; but the idea tore me apart. I love writing too much.

Luckily, I have people in my life who believe in me and push… um, I mean encourage me to keep going. Okay, I’ll admit sometimes it takes a good, hard shove to wake up my creative spirit and get me back on track. I’m glad they care enough and are brave enough to do it, although I’m sure they’d rather be able to give me good hard kick in the—

Ha! Dream on, guys.

This week I began a new project with one of my author friends, something I’ve been excited (but a little nervous) about taking on. Since I’ve also come to realize that working with this one person always energizes me and motivates me to write, the timing was perfect… at least in my opinion.

Sure it will take away some of my writing time, but hey, I wasn’t writing anyway. Remember?

I welcomed the opportunity to work on something I feel passionate about, something that would get me thinking like a writer again.


About two miles into my run on Thursday, I finally felt my writing alter ego reemerging. She’d been hiding in a dark corner of my mind, nearly written off as dead.

Nearly… but I can’t give up. Won’t give up. There’s always a new day. A new chance to get her butt in gear. A new chance to get things right.

Tonight the sun is shining; hope and creativity have returned. Five chapters to go… Yeah, I’ve got this! —CJ

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4 thoughts on “Lost and Found: Inspiration… Motivation… Determination”

    1. No, not a metaphor, that’s just where my head finally cleared. I only run three miles.

      I don’t read Stephen King, but I know enough about his style to know I should be afraid. lol

      It’s good to be back…Thank you! 🙂


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