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Cover Reveal…AND Release News!!


After two long years of dreaming, working crazy hours, battling sleep deprivation and fighting against self-doubt while pushing myself to learn as much as I could (as quickly as I could) about writing and publishing, I am excited to announce the release date for my debut novel is October 18th!

This has been a truly amazing journey. So many people have helped me and supported me along the way . . . and continue to do so. And we’re just getting started!

It’s time to raise the curtains and reveal the cover for Two Hearts: Beyond Control


Description: Danielle DeLaney will do whatever it takes to reclaim the heart of the only man she’s ever loved.

Her marriage has gone stale, her husband barely notices her, and her boring sex life . . . well, let’s just say that’s about to change.

Armed with a new attitude, some sexy lingerie, and a few special surprises for Will, Danni has a plan to spice things up in the bedroom—or whatever room they happen to be in—and discover the soul-searing passion she’s always longed for.

However, things never go as planned.

Will’s erratic behavior and lack of cooperation challenge Danni at every turn, leaving her frustrated and alone . . . until she meets Nico. Tall, dark and sinfully sexy, his playful charm is impossible to resist.

Determined to honor her commitment to Will—that promise she made to be faithful—Danni attempts to deny her uncontrollable attraction to Nico. But his persuasive powers and sudden presence in every aspect of her life can only lead to trouble.

The harder Danni fights to save her marriage, the more Will seems to push her away, and the deeper she falls under Nico’s addictive spell.

Torn between the love of her life and the man of her dreams, Danni struggles to make a choice she can live with . . . despite what it means giving up.

But when it comes to love and affairs of the heart, some things are Beyond Control.

9 thoughts on “Cover Reveal…AND Release News!!”

    1. Thanks, Debby! Everything just fell into place when I started putting images together in a lightbox. I’m really happy with the way it turned out!

      (Sorry for the slow response…for some reason WP put your comment in a Spam folder. I just found it!)

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