Messages from CJ's desk, Two Hearts Trilogy

The Countdown is on…5 Days to Go!

Can you believe it? Two Hearts: Beyond Control will release in 5 days! I've spent so many years dreaming of this moment that it hardly seems real. There's a reason I chose October 18th as my release date. Check back this weekend to find out why... AND we're going to be celebrating with a first look… Continue reading The Countdown is on…5 Days to Go!

Inside the Mind of a Writer, Messages from CJ's desk

Who’s Afraid of the Big Blank Page

We've all been there before. Whether writing a novel, a report, a blog post, or a menu for the week when you don’t feel like cooking. You find yourself staring at the dreaded blank page. The one that’s supposed to capture your brilliant thoughts and ideas as they flow from your fingertips. The curser sits… Continue reading Who’s Afraid of the Big Blank Page

Messages from CJ's desk

The Joy of Christmas Distractions

I love Christmas: the traditions, the decorations, the scents, and the general feeling of cheer that emerges all around. For my family, the holiday season begins with a trip to the tree farm the weekend after Thanksgiving. It’s a tradition we began over twenty years ago, when my sons were toddlers. I have so many… Continue reading The Joy of Christmas Distractions