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New Author Profile: CJ Andrews

This week we’ll take a look at my writer’s journey from a different perspective. My author friend and critique partner, Dan Alatorre, offered to feature me on his popular blog (one of my favorites); so of course I said yes! Here is his very generous “New Author Profile” about me…Thanks, Dan! 🙂

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Dan Alatorre

CJ is one of my critique partners and we met in a typical Dan way.

I needed to learn how to kiss.

(Yet another reason to join a critique group.  More on that HERE)

Well, I actually needed help with a romance scene, where a young couple share their first kiss, so I found some Romance writers, read some of their stuff, found a few good writers, and then asked for their input so I could make a good kissing scene. (If you’ve never written one before, it’s not necessarily easy!)

CJ helped me with that and a lot more. She’s currently editing my romantic comedy Poggibonsi, as well as being a great author friend and new blogger.

But the thing about CJ is – she’s a terrific writer.

How do I know? Well, like I said, I was looking for help with a romantic scene…

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