Two Hearts: Beyond Control

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091617 Beyond Control eBook Cover

Danielle DeLaney wants passion, and she’s determined to find it with her simple plan: Do whatever it takes to reclaim the heart of the only man she’s ever loved.

And that might work, if she could get him to cooperate.

Sinfully sexy Nico Giardano is unlike any man Danni’s ever known. He’s wealthy, sophisticated, treats her like the most important person in his elite world, and has a playful charm that makes him so incredibly hard to resist.

In a word, he’s perfect . . . Well, almost perfect.

There’s just one tiny problem. Nico isn’t her husband—the inattentive man she’d vowed to love forever.

If Danni has any hope of reviving her stale marriage, she’ll need to avoid Nico and ignore the amazing way he makes her heart race.

But can she persuade Nico to stay away? Does she really want him to?

Or will she choose to throw away the past fifteen years for a chance at true love with the man of her dreams?

Some choices are easy. This isn’t one of them. And when it comes to love and affairs of the heart, some things are Beyond Control.

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